Narrabeen, Australia

Narrabeen is one of Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches.

With an extremely tight timeline, this project was fast paced, fun and a huge success. The project included a complete gut and redesign of the existing kitchen and restaurant, extension and full interior design of the space. The owner is an experienced builder and took charge of the kitchen remodel and extension.

I flew in for the last 5 weeks of the project to assist with furniture sourcing and selection, artwork and lighting to complete the overall design.

The owners had a very clear idea of what they wanted so collaboration was the key to finalizing the design concept. Understanding their ideas and vision and incorporating it together was a rewarding experience with a fantastic outcome.

The Chocolate Skateboard Series was sourced in Canada and arrived in Sydney in my hand luggage!

Making decisions on the fly as time was of the essence, all helped keep this project on track and opening on time!

Completed: December 2014